Is honey keto?

That may sound like a silly question for many keto followers, but before you jump and answer with a sonorous NO, hear me out.

How do you categorize something straight out as keto or non-keto? Is there a cap, 2g, 3g, 10g of carbs? At the end of the day, what you need to take into account are two things: significance and context. What does that mean?

Significance is how relevant that item is on the whole. 1 tablespoon of honey carries whopping 17g of carbs (basically liquid sugar). If you see that, you could immediately assume it couldn't be considered keto. But what if you had a recipe that called for 1 teaspoon (6g of carbs) and yielded 15 servings? That same honey would represent 0.4g of carbs per serving. That doesn't seem like a deal-breaker to me.

Context is you, the individual, your diet, your responses to different foods, what you ate on a given day. Let's say you skipped breakfast (as I do daily), had for lunch a big, juicy steak with a salad, and for dinner, you ate chicken with broccoli. Your carb count for that day would be extremely low, about 4g of net carbs. So if you were to treat yourself to tea sweetened with, say 2 teaspoons of honey, you would still be under 20g of carbs in the day.  

The point is not really honey, but the villainization of certain foods without considering significance or context. So next time you hesitate on using baking powder (most contain cornstarch), think about this and make your decision! :) 

And rest assured, we are committed to producing the best-tasting treats with the least amount of carbs possible (have seen our Ice, Ice Baby cupcake, with only 1.6 net carbs?). 


  • Just ordered the Nanaimo bars and banana bread, they were delicious and well made! Who knew healthy could taste so good!! I have to stop myself from eating it all at once, definitely ordering more

  • That is true, thanks for the information


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